Registration Help

Steps to Complete Registration:

1.        Click on the Registration box on the Login Page

2.        Type in your Social Security Number without dashes (i.e.111223333).

3.       Type in your Client Temporary Password/Authorization  -  millerfin

4.        When completed, select the Next button.

5.        Read the User Agreement and if acceptable select the OK button.

6.        The screen will now display a Registration Form. All fields marked with a red asterisk (i.e., * ) are required and must be entered. Please note, enter this information with care, as the information you enter at this point will carry to your performance reports.

                                  i.            Enter a unique User Name and Password for your Account. The User Name and Password must each be between six (6) and ten (10) alphanumeric characters. The Password will not display as it is encrypted for security reasons and you should write it down and retain it in a secured location. You must re-enter the Password to confirm the original entry.

                                 ii.            Select a Name Prefix from the Dropdown Box.

                                iii.            Enter your Last, First Name and Middle Initial as you wish it to be displayed.

                               iv.            Enter your telephone and fax contact numbers.

                                v.            Enter your email address. Do not enter spaces. Your email address is an important means of automatic and direct contact. Ensure that it is correct and operational.

                               vi.            Enter your Business Name.

                              vii.            Enter your Address including State from the Dropdown Box.

                             viii.            Enter a Temporary Password. The Temporary Password must each be between six (6) and ten (10) alphanumeric characters. Your clients will use this Temporary Password during Investor Registration (much like you used the one supplied by your Broker/Dealer to get to this point). This Client Temporary Password must be different from your Password entered above.

7.        When completed, select the Next button to continue.

8.        A Registration Confirmation message acknowledging your successful registration will display. Select OK.

9.        Your status as a user of the system is now "Pending".

10.     Your Broker/Dealer will be notified of your Registration and pending approval. The Broker/Dealer will approve your Registration to complete the Registration Process.

11.     Once the Broker/Dealer approves the Registration, an email Confirmation Notice will be sent to your email address, informing you that you are approved, providing brief introductory information, and the system is now available for your login with the User Name and Password selected. Your status as user of the system is now "Active".